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October 1, 2018 0

Audi E-tron Ready to Seize I-Pace and EQC Market

By overwheel

The Audi E-tron is the third electric SUV to be revealed this year. It follows the Jaguar I-Pace and Mercedes-Benz EQC, to rule the electric market. Audi’s first electric model has a 249-mile driving range on the WLTP test. That is identical to Mercedes EQC, but behind Jaguar I-Pace, which...

September 30, 2018 0

Brand New Mercedes SL Sets to Release in 2020

By overwheel

Mercedes is preparing to restore its SL as showcasing input from AMG performance car division. It will get a traditional...

September 29, 2018 0

New Mercedes-Benz GLE Introduce New Tech

By overwheel

The second-generation GLE will bring in important new technologies to the Mercedes brand. It has an advanced suspension system and...

September 28, 2018 0

3 Alternative Fuels Worth Considering

By overwheel

When people talk about alternatively fuelled vehicles (AFVs) or Alternative Fuels, they usually think its electric and hybrids or hydrogen...

September 27, 2018 0

Mercedes-Benz to Release 10 Electric Vehicles in 4 Years

By overwheel

The new Mercedes EQC is only the beginning in what will be a whole family of Merc’s EV. The German...

September 26, 2018 0

BMW Unleashes X2 Crossover and Plug-in Hybrid X5

By overwheel

BMW has added its SUV lineup with two new cars, a performance version of BMW X2 Crossover and a plug-in...

September 25, 2018 0

Tesla Roadster First Appearance at Grand Basel

By overwheel

The electric supercar made its first appearance at Grand Basel in Switzerland last week. Deposit holders and potential customers were...